Friday, September 30, 2011

Really Cute Classic Lolita Themed Shoot Example!

See more Lolita and Cosplay with this model here.
This outfit is SO CUTE with Alice in Wonderland themes being played.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Check Out This Cute Tutorial!

Here is a tutorial for no-sew felt bows. Very cute and can be used in multiple ways and edited to fit your needs.

Classic Lolita week!

Hello everyone! It is Classic Lolita week.

Classic Lolita is very tame compared to many other styles. This style includes dresses that could pass as summer dresses or garden party dresses. Many are floral print or lightly colored. They often are OPs. This style is about looking classy.

There are few head eating bows, crosses, cupcakes, or brightly colored wigs seen with this style. No chunky boots, harsh makeup, or harsh lines in sight. Just simple elegance and flowing shapes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekly Themes

Every week once this is up and running will be themed around different kinds of Lolita. The earlier ones will be the easier, better for beginner styles while the later weeks will be more advanced styles. As new styles come to my attention they will be discussed separately of these themes.

Mod note: I have gone through and compacted the best posts from each week into single posts for the most part. The exceptions being very focused posts, Etsy posts, games, tutorials, ect.

week 1: Classic Lolita- See week 1 here!
week 2: Cosplay Lolita- See week 2 here!
week 3: Casual Lolita- See week 3 here!
week 4: Kuro Lolita- See week 4 here!
week 5: Shiro Lolita- See week 5 here!
week 6: Kodona/Ouji Lolita- See week 6 here!
week 7: Sweet Lolita- See week 7 here!
week 8: Gothic Lolita- See week 8 here!
week 9: Hime Lolita- See week 9 here!
week 10: Country Lolita- See week 10 here!
week 11: Sailor Lolita- See week 11 here!
week 12: Wa Lolita- See week 12 here!
week 13: Punk Lolita- See week 13 here!
week 14: Guro Lolita- See week 14 here!
week 15: Ero Lolita- See week 15 here!

While all that is happening there will be DIY videos and tips/tricks and other posts. Also educational posts about different kinds of dress cuts and anything else you could ever need to know about Lolita. ^_^

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello Everyone!

This blog is going to be a way for those of you who want to learn more about the Lolita life, style, culture, ect. to do so. This blog is applicable to anyone who has ever had a question about anything Lolita, who are looking for DIY ideas/patterns, or for people who are looking for shopping tips.
There will be normal updates on everything you could ever want/imagine and lots of tips on how to do Lolita on a budget. ^_^ I hope everyone enjoys!