Friday, July 27, 2012

Refurb a Purse

Hey everyone. So I found a wicker purse that I thought would be perfect for country Lolita if it was give a bit of a face-lift so that is what I did. I found the purse for $1 at a local resale shop. So I added some lace at the top of it, sewing it into the lining that was already there. I then glued some lace around the outside and a bit on the handle. Then I made a small lace bow and glued it on there. I wanted something subtle. My mom was surprised, she though I was going to make a HUGE bow that took up like the whole purse. Lol. I'm here to surprise. Total cost for this project was less than $5.

The finished product

This lace is really soft and I think its super cute. It was the perfect width.

This lace is really nice but I used most of what I had. :/

It came pre-lined with this adorable fabric so I didn't change.