Thursday, March 24, 2016

Innocent World: My first direct brand purchase

Hello everyone! I recently returned from my trip to China and am now just finding time to update this blog. Today I want to talk about my first experience with ordering directly from a brand site. A while back Innocent World had a sale going and I took the chance to try ordering from them. Obviously I don't fit into their dress but there were a few hair accessories I'd had my eye on.

Tags and a lovely letter they included.

The ordering process took me a few minutes to figure out but honestly was pretty easy and straight forward. They have clear instructions in English. It takes a while for your order to be confirmed (I think mine was a few days). Compared to what I've heard about ordering from some of the other brands, this seems like a good brand to start with if you're nervous.

I ordered a brown headbow and two navy blue hair clips because these pieces will fit well with the main pieces in my wardrobe. It took quite a while for the package to get to me but if you've been in lolita for any length of time you are probably used to the dreadful wait times. I didn't need them in a hurry so I wasn't worried. I wouldn't be hopeful if you need a rush delivery though!

3300 and 2800 yen originally

I will start with the brown headbow. First of all, it came slightly lighter than it appeared on the site. It will still work for what I need but be aware that some of the colors are obviously not exact (even things like your monitor settings can change that though).

The fabric is really nice and the gold details came without any snags or issues. I was expecting a little more for the price and reputation though. The headband it came on is pretty cheap and a little painful to wear because of the ridges.

As you can see here, the ridges are quite large and sharp.

The bow is securely attached so it does not move around. This is both good and bad. I'm glad I won't be losing the headband or having my bow move in the middle of a meetup but it is stuck at the one angle and spot so you really have to plan around it compared to bows with a little more flexibility.

The blue hair clips I got are small and cute. You get a set of two when you buy them but make sure you pay attention because that isn't always the case!

The material is a little shiny but not enough to make it look tacky. There are small IW logo charms sewn to the middle. They seem to be attached pretty well and did not fall off during a day's wear. There are also stars attached to the corner. These aren't attached quite as well as the logos so I am worried that over time they may need to be reattached. Again, after a day's wear they did not fall off.

The back has alligator clips to secure them to your hair (or wherever else you may want to wear them). I wish they were two way clips (having both a pin and hair option) so they had a little more versatility but that is probably only because I've been spoiled with most of my items having multiple wear options.

Overall I was pretty happy with what I got and I know they'll get plenty of wear. These did not quite live up to the price tag and the expectations I have for brand items however. I would probably order from Innocent World again if they were having a sale but otherwise I will probably stick to second hand.

I hope this was helpful, interesting, or informative for some of you. Have a wonderful month and I'll see you in April!