Friday, January 20, 2017

Updated Youtube Recs!

Hello everyone! I wanted to start out the year by sharing some of my favorite lolita inspirations at the moment (and over the past year). I did this awhile back but the list has changed pretty drastically. I still follow everyone mentioned in the previous post but I wouldn't say I use them all as inspiration anymore. So here is an updated version. If you'd like to see the original for a larger general guide to Youtube lolitas, please click here.

I find Youtube to be a relaxing way to pass the time these days. I love watching fashion videos and tutorials because they give me so many ideas for my own wardrobe and style! Without further ado, here are the lolitas I wanted to share with you all today.

Wonderland Lolita

Wonderland Lolita has some very inspirational coords and an even more inspirational attitude! She is just so peppy. She does quite a bit of traveling as well, mostly dealing with lolita, and it is always fun to watch her adventures.

Vanilla Bear

Vanilla bear puts together amazing, but simple, coords. She uses colors you don't see a ton of in lolita (like dusky rose). She always has very insightful additions to dress reviews and points out details I definitely wouldn't of noticed otherwise.

Princess Jessie-Kate

Princess Jessie-Kate wears tons of indie lolita and is honestly such an inspiration as far as buying from indie brands go! She has a bunch of taobao hauls and reviews as well. Very eco-conscious which I love.

Princess Fancypants

Princess Fancypants is the funniest one on the list! Her coords always look extremely elegant as well, and honestly she, in my opinion, has some of the most fresh outfits right now. Great source for hair and makeup!

Poppy Noir

Poppy Noir is someone I discovered more recently and she doesn't have the large following she deserves. She travels quite a bit and puts together very original and functional coordinates. I really love her overall style. Has plenty of tutorials, especially for classic lolitas.

Minty Frills

Minty Frills is the well known, quintessential sweet lolita of my list! Her style is bold and adventurous and I'm never sure what she will wear next. She does quite a few other J-styles as well. She also has a personal page that you can access through her main Youtube.

Most of these wonderful Youtubers also run blogs and other social media outlets, so be sure to check them out there if YT isn't your medium of choice.

Thanks so much for coming with me through this post! Let me know if I missed one of your favorite Youtube lolitas. I'll talk to you all next month.