Tuesday, March 17, 2015

IMVU Parasol Dream

Last time we spoke I mentioned I had done some designs with a friend for IMVU. These are full lolita sets that we produced and put out into the world. The person who did the illustration and texturing is my close friend Amanda French. You can see more of their art here. Their username on IMVU is 7289 and the store associated with that account is where you can buy products from our brand.

The brand is called Parasol Dream or ParaDream for short. The dream is, of course, to eventually be able to print the fabric and produce real garments. It isn't in our budget now or the near future, but hopefully one day. So enough talking! I will now show you the preview images for our sets. We currently have 2 sets out.

We design our previews to look like spreads from magazines! I hope you enjoyed this peak into our designs.