Friday, January 23, 2015

Sweet Lolita Day!

I decided to wear sweet lolita today. I got a new dress so I figured why not? I had to work and run some errands but everything is more fun when you're dressed up!

Where I'm living right now the closest lolitas are 3-4 hours drive away. That means all my lolita days are solo events at the moment. The reactions in such a small conservative town are priceless to be honest. So here are the photos of my coord! Most of these pictures were taken by my dad right before we had to run out the door.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I wanted it to be a bit more OTT (over the top) but just didn't have time. Next time! Also sorry about the wrinkles in my dress, I didn't notice them until later and don't currently have an ironing board! <3 I hope you all like the outfit too. Concrit is of course always welcome. Stay lovely and have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quick informative post!

Hey everyone I just wanted to update you really quick and share some videos with you. First for the personal details! I've got a new skirt here and two dresses on the way. I'm hoping to wear some lolita coords soon with these new pieces. I'm in a tight spot with the skirt right now because my blouse got ruined. It still works under dresses but not with a skirt so my coord with that will not have a proper blouse. I'm still looking to get one. I will probably have to just bite the bullet and get one custom made since I can not find one in my size that I like. I'll let you know if I get one custom made!

The skirt I had made by a small indie shop and I will be doing a review of the experience when I put an outfit together with it so you can look forward to that!

Now on to the videos. These are videos I think would be very good for beginners to see or for people who don't really understand lolita (like your parents or uncle Jimmy) to get a quick grasp on the fashion. These are both made my Deer Stalker Pictures 2 over on youtube.

Why is lolita called lolita?

The history of lolita!

Both of these videos are really informative and even people who've been around for a few years might learn something new!

Talk to you all soon. <3