Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Great Lakes Lolita 10th Anniversary Tea Party!

Hello lovelies! As promised, I attended the tea party my state's comm was hosting for their 10th anniversary. I'd like to pre-face the longer post by saying it was a great time. It was my first lolita tea party (I'm not a big tea drinker, though I did have two cups at the event) and I felt very fancy. Ha ha. So my friend Ginny and I came down from Northern Michigan, almost three hours with the bad traffic. The meet was at the Historic Holly Hotel in Holly, Michigan.

As per usual, we were late and the last ones there. Whoops. I swear I'm never late for anything! The second I have a petticoat on I forget everything and my to-do list gets thrown to the way-side. Maybe some day I'll be able to dress cute AND be on time! (Yeah right.)

We signed in when we arrived and received our free gifts (there were door prizes, tiaras, pins that were customized for our community, and more!) We found our seats and waited for the meet to really start.

We were served fruit, a main course, and a dessert on top of the endless tea. It was more food than we expected for the ticket price! I'm a vegan so my food was different than most people's. I was on the fence about going until it was announced that the venue would work to make sure speciality diets were taken care of. For the fruit I was given a different dip, my main dish was quinoa and veggies and a few other small options, and my dessert was cherry sorbet made locally!

There was a coordinate contest as well. I opted not to enter after seeing the outfits some people had arrived in. I was very proud of my coord and worked hard on it but I was so in love with some of the coords there that I knew I had no chance! It was totally fine though because I enjoyed seeing all the amazing outfits. The contest was separated first by style (sweet, gothic, and classic; every other style was asked to pick the closest). Then the finalists went head to head for best coordinate over all! There were the winners of each category and classic won overall:

We did photos by table and then individually. I will post my individual photo on Facebook when I receive it! There was a drawing with amazing prizes and Ginny won one! (Congrats again!) Lastly there was a small swap meet. I sold a few items and bought a purse (which I will probably show to you all in a later haul post). Then we had to wrap up the party and leave. Unfortunately it was sprinkling when we left and Ginny & I had left our parasols in the car like dummies. We speed-walked to the car (as many others were as well because who wants to ruin a $400 dress, honestly).

Virginia (Ginny) and I had pre-decided not to attend the "official" after party at the restaurant the comm chose. The reasons for this were multi-faceted but mainly it was 1. a very very long drive home and 2. on the way we have to go right past our favorite sushi joint! We took some coordinate shots outside of the restaurant.

Outfit Rundown:
Dress, bow, wrist cuffs, jewelry: Angelic Pretty
Shoes, blouse: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

Outfit Rundown:
Dress: Cloudberry Lady
Blouse: Glittertale
Socks, shoes: Bodyline
All hair bows: Innocent World
Accessories: Chocomint, A Gato Designs, Offbrand
Everything else: Off brand

We always get the same order when we are there but I've included photos anyway. I get their miso soup and sweet potato tempura rolls. It is one of the few places I've found where BOTH are free of animal products. AKA, they're my favorite kind of people. The place is called Fuji Sushi in Midland, Michigan (in case anyone is curious).

Our last stop was Target. We don't have one by us but there is one right by the sushi place. I love Target but rarely get there. Surprisingly, I barely bought anything there but we did take some silly pictures. We also had an employee take a full body photo of us together. So thank you random Target employee! You went above and beyond for us.

Since the tea party I have made use of the items I received. I got some glitter nail polish that is a new favorite. Virginia and I have implemented "Tiara Tuesdays" at our place of employment and started it off with the tiaras we received at the event. I had a ton of fun and everyone really looked amazing. The coords were extremely inspiring and I can't wait to see everyone again! I don't know when my next group meet up will be unfortunately.

Coming up, either late this month or early next month, I will have a haul and a review coming of some new items I've obtained recently. Please stop back for that!

See you next time,
Kayla <3