Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feb. 12 meet up!

So recently there was a Michigan Lolita meet up. We wandered through a natural history museum and went to a small planetarium. This was followed by dinner at Noodles and Company. That is where I took my leave though many girls went on to do other events (a tea shop I believe? Maybe karaoke?) These are some of my favorite pictures from the event. I tried to include one of everybody but if I missed anyone I'm terribly terribly sorry. I will start with my coord for the day so hopefully you all think I did a better job this time.
Some notes on my coord this time: I was supposed to have a cream blouse but it was not sent when it was supposed to be so I had to make due with this black one that didn't match too well. I am not wearing shoes in the pictures because they didn't really match because it had snowed the day before so the open toed shoes that I had planned on wearing that matched were no longer sensible. And the purse totally doesn't match. Basically this outfit is a mess oops. Quick break down of my outfit is as follows:

Skirt, bow, bow ring, and necklace: All hand made by me.
Blouse, cake ring, bracelet: Off brand
Purse and socks: Bodyline

Now here are the pictures from the meet up. ^_^ Sorry they aren't great quality, was using an unfamiliar camera in low lighting.

My friend Amanda. We love owls.

I was so glad to get a chance to talk to her.

I loved Brenda's outfit.

Amanda and I loved this print so much!

An old canoe of Lolitas!

She is seriously the biggest sweetheart.