Sunday, May 22, 2016

Custom design and custom size!

Hello sweetlings! I rececntly came across someone on a Facebook group who does custom pieces. As a plus size lolita, I am always keeping my eyes out for people who make quality custom pieces. I looked through her work and loved some of the cuts. She didn't have exactly what I wanted though so we worked together to get what I would really love. She started by going to a fabric store and sending me every insect themed fabric she could find. (As a side note: I'm obsessed with bugs and insects and spiders and everything creepy crawly to be honest. There are a very very limited number of lolita prints that fall into this interest.) I chose my three favorites, explained what design I wanted, and she started immediately to draft the patterns. Later on I chose the lace and accents as well. From first contact to delivery it took less than a week! That was so incredibly fast that my mind was blown.

I've been working on putting together casual coords with them. I've worn two of them so far. Casual Fridays at my job is where I've donned them so I haven't done complete/proper outfits with them because my comfort and convenience is more important to me at work.

The fabrics I chose were an entomology print that I had made into a skirt, a butterfly print with metallic accents that became a JSK, and a bee print with shiny crowns that ended up an under-bust dress with a black panel.
Close up of the print that became a skirt!

The finished skirt (uncoordinated).

Butterfly JSK casual coord

Close up of necklace (thrifted)

Under-bust dress with bees and crowns.

The seamstress allowed for one free alteration on each piece if they arrived and didn't fit or meet my expectations. They came and fit my measurements perfectly! There were no issues with the garments and they looked exactly how I wanted. As with any home made piece there were a few loose strings and what not but they were easily snipped away. She also threw in some free bracelets and an extra bow! Overall I was very happy with everything and I would definitely order from her again.

Want to commission her too? Check out her Facebook or Etsy for details.

What is your favorite brand that offers custom sizes? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, much love. <3