Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lolita friends and bonus outfit!

 Hello lovelies!

I recently went on a friend date with someone I work with who has gotten into lolita over the past few months. She is the same one I went to the museum with. We went out for lunch, did some shopping, and then took some photos by The Tridge in Midland, MI. It was a really fun day! I love having someone local I can do lolita with since meet ups are often way too far for me.

This is my friend's outfit. She went simple and is still working on this coord and others. The skirt was made by her! I believe the blouse was thrifted.

We did precarious climbing to get this!

Make up close up.

My dress was designed by me and produced by A. Gato Designs, as mentioned in a previous post. My blouse is custom from Glittertale. For more details on the blouse check here! Everything else I'm wearing was either made by me, thrifted, or is off-brand.

I'm still doing some work on this coord and will be changing it up some in the future. Black is fairly new to my Jfashion wardrobe so I am working quite a bit with pieces from my normal clothes.

As a bonus I'd like to show you guys an outfit I wore for a concert I attended earlier this month. I wore it throughout the day so my hair and makeup are not really done. I did special makeup for the concert and, since I had to do it on the fly, I didn't bother with makeup for the rest of the day. I have a long ways to go on this outfit but I'm getting there!

My shoes broke so just socks! Whoops!

Blouse is Glittertale again and the dress is another I commissioned from A. Gato Designs. My socks and wrist-cuffs are Bodyline. Everything else is thrifted or off-brand.

My friend and I are attending a tea party next week for our community's 10th anniversary. The attendance list is large and there are lots of free goodies and contests. I will be making a full post on that next month so please look forward to it!

Love always,