Thursday, February 25, 2016

Glitter Tale Review and Recommendations-Positive

Hello dear readers! I promised last month that I would do a review of the custom Glitter Tale blouse I ordered. So here you are!

I ordered through their facebook page by email. Overall the order process was quite easy. You choose your style and color then note if you want a standard size or custom size. You can also say if you want lace that is the same color or different. You can customize the design as well if they don't offer exactly what you want. As a plus size lolita, I chose custom size. There is a slight fee for custom size if I remember correctly. Overall the blouse cost a little over $70 USD shipped. They blouse came in just over a month but would have come faster if I hadn't needed to change my size. I accidentally sent the wrong measurements (because I thought I knew how to take the measurements but while double checking about a week later I realized I'd taken them differently than how they wanted.) Be sure to watch the video they link to and do the measurements EXACTLY how the video says. I recommend going step by step along with the video and writing them down if you're doing custom. I also would recommend adding 2cm to all of your measurements, especially if you chose a non-stretchy fabric.

I want to note here that they were amazing about changing my size for me. They had already started the blouse but did not charge me extra to start over with updated measurements!

The shirt came in an envelope but there was some slight damage to it. I didn't need to worry though because they wrapped the blouse in a sturdy plastic bag for protection.

The details are beautiful. The lace is soft and wonderful. The sewing is really well done. The buttons are a little loose but after several wears they have not fallen off. It also came with an extra button. They are very elegant, well spaced, and are included on the wrist as well.

An initial try on revealed that the fit was done very well. I did add a few cms to my measurements to avoid gaping and to ensure it would fit. The only issue I had was that the shoulder width was a bit small. It fit but I felt it was shortened slightly from the measurements I gave. I added 4 or 5cm to that measurements because another review I saw said they had that problem. However, even with that it could've used another 2 to 4cm. I recommend adding quite a bit to that measurement to make sure you have full movement and comfort.

As you can see it also came with a neck ribbon

It is a sheer fabric so I think it looks best under a JSK (as seen below) but with a tank top underneath it would work well for a skirt as well.

Overall I am very happy with my order and the company. I really can't recommend them enough and I really do feel like the end result is worth the cost. The quality is only a slight tier under brand blouses I've had. Glitter Tale is really a great option for people who want to customize their clothes, are struggling to find the perfect blouse, or are too small or big for the standard size lolita blouses. They even have sales on certain styles throughout the year so keep your eyes open for those to save even more.

Have a wonderful month! I am going to be away on a vacation until the end of March so I will update then with a review of some brand accessories I recently obtained. Stay lovely!

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