Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My new loliable hobby!

So a while back I said I'd taken up a new hobby that I thought could be incorporated into lolita. Well here is that post I promised about it. ^_^ My new hobby is embroidery. I just looked up some stuff online, asked my mom for a hoop, some thread, and some cloth, and went to work. It did some practice stitches first before starting in on my first actual piece.

So here are my pictures of the first piece I finished. It took about 7 hours I believe. o_o So long. I work faster now lol.

I'm working on another piece right now and when it is finished I shall post about it. I intend to eventually integrate this into Lolita and possible Mori-girl (which is a style I've been getting into over the past couple months).

Thanks everyone who reads. ^_^