Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Short lolita day with friends!

Hey guys! As I'm sure many of you know, I don't have the chance to wear lolita as much as I would like. I wear many lolita 'inspired' outfits when given the opportunity but every once and a while my friends and I take a short trip and wear lolita for it. I don't always document these trips very well but this month I managed to snag some pictures and video for you guys!f

We definitely went casual because the trip wasn't that long and we were going to be getting in and out of the car a lot, so please be lenient with our lack of accessorizing. 

Bless the SNOW app tbh.

Makeup for the day!

Outfit shot!

We grabbed some lunch and did some shopping! I think the biggest surprise of the whole day was that we didn't even play Pokemon Go. Ha ha.

Want to know my outfit breakdown or watch some quick video of what I was up to? Check it out below!

Next month we are hopefully going to a swap meet in Chicago! Look forward to all the details from that.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Lolita Valentine's Day!

(If I've used your photo in this post and you'd like me to remove it please comment with the photo that belongs to you! Thanks!)

Hello everyone! In many places of the world tomorrow is Valentine's day. I know I'm a little late in making this post but it may be useful for future reference as well. I wanted to share some ideas for celebrating the holiday with your comm. I often see people planning meets around this time and lolitas coming out in their best themed coords and would like to throw my two cents in.

First off, I want to say, I LOVE pink and red coordinates, especially around Valentine's. I know they're a little cliche and many people really don't like them. I, however, think they're great. That being said, they can be VERY difficult to pull off. This color combination requires a delicate eye and just the right balance. Here are some of my favorite examples of this color combination:





If red and pink isn't your thing any print with candy, hearts, or similar imagery will fit the bill! Don't feel pressured to wear a themed coordinate though because many lolitas do not have a holiday appropriate outfit and that is TOTALLY OKAY!

Valentine's meetup possibilities are truly endless. A few options that come to mind are a visit to a candy store, tea with special themed cakes or cookies (rose tea for extra kawaii), a color theme meetup, a card or gift swap, or a crafting meet prior to the holiday to make themed gifts and cards. Any meetup sharing love and joy with your lolita pals is acceptable, it just depends how hard you want to go for the theme.

Don't be afraid to bring a small snack or gift for the lolitas in your comm if you are attending a V-day meet! Make sure to check ahead if anyone has allergies or dietary needs though. There is nothing worse than working hard on something and not being able to give it to everyone.

Have ideas to make Valentine's meets more classic or gothic friendly? Comment them below!

Have a wonderful month everyone and enjoy your holiday!


Friday, January 20, 2017

Updated Youtube Recs!

Hello everyone! I wanted to start out the year by sharing some of my favorite lolita inspirations at the moment (and over the past year). I did this awhile back but the list has changed pretty drastically. I still follow everyone mentioned in the previous post but I wouldn't say I use them all as inspiration anymore. So here is an updated version. If you'd like to see the original for a larger general guide to Youtube lolitas, please click here.

I find Youtube to be a relaxing way to pass the time these days. I love watching fashion videos and tutorials because they give me so many ideas for my own wardrobe and style! Without further ado, here are the lolitas I wanted to share with you all today.

Wonderland Lolita

Wonderland Lolita has some very inspirational coords and an even more inspirational attitude! She is just so peppy. She does quite a bit of traveling as well, mostly dealing with lolita, and it is always fun to watch her adventures.

Vanilla Bear

Vanilla bear puts together amazing, but simple, coords. She uses colors you don't see a ton of in lolita (like dusky rose). She always has very insightful additions to dress reviews and points out details I definitely wouldn't of noticed otherwise.

Princess Jessie-Kate

Princess Jessie-Kate wears tons of indie lolita and is honestly such an inspiration as far as buying from indie brands go! She has a bunch of taobao hauls and reviews as well. Very eco-conscious which I love.

Princess Fancypants

Princess Fancypants is the funniest one on the list! Her coords always look extremely elegant as well, and honestly she, in my opinion, has some of the most fresh outfits right now. Great source for hair and makeup!

Poppy Noir

Poppy Noir is someone I discovered more recently and she doesn't have the large following she deserves. She travels quite a bit and puts together very original and functional coordinates. I really love her overall style. Has plenty of tutorials, especially for classic lolitas.

Minty Frills

Minty Frills is the well known, quintessential sweet lolita of my list! Her style is bold and adventurous and I'm never sure what she will wear next. She does quite a few other J-styles as well. She also has a personal page that you can access through her main Youtube.

Most of these wonderful Youtubers also run blogs and other social media outlets, so be sure to check them out there if YT isn't your medium of choice.

Thanks so much for coming with me through this post! Let me know if I missed one of your favorite Youtube lolitas. I'll talk to you all next month.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

2017 Goals, Wish List, and Predictions!

Hello lovelies! This year, which has been QUITE the year, is winding down now. Each year my lolita wardrobe and experience grows. I was very lucky that I got to wear lolita quite often (by my standards) this years. Hopefully that trend will continue into next year! As the title suggests, I wanted to go over my goals and wish list for this coming year, as well as what I think may grow in popularity. Please remember that this is just my opinion on what trends have been coming forward lately that may gain acceptance and that I have no reason to believe in these other than my own limited observation! Thank you for understanding. <3


Firstly, my goals for the year.

In this coming year I want to continue my goal from last year of posting at least once a month! With this post I succeeded for this year I am happy to announce. I would like to update even more than that but of course whether or not I have content I wish to share drives my frequency!

I want to repair the lolita items I have damaged over time. Some of my shoes, one blouse, a few purses, and some jewelry really need some love to be usable. I have already started on some of this but I really need to take the bull by the horns, as they say, and get fixing!

I'd like to attend at least 3 meet ups in this coming year. I live far away from most of my comm members, as some of you may know, so most of my lolita time is spent with just one or two close friends. Meet ups are a refreshing change so hopefully I can attend a few in 2017.

~~~What are your goals for this coming year? Let me know in the comments!~~~


My wish list for this coming year is going to be quite small, truthfully. I am trying to save up for a trip in the fall so lolita has to take a back seat to that unfortunately. There are, however, a few stables I am going to try to get ahold of this coming year!

Gold and Black shoes! I coordinate with gold so often it is honestly a crime I haven't been able to get my hands on a pair yet. I have black flats that I wear with darker coords but I personally feel like they sort of ruin otherwise decent outfits by being far too casual for my taste.

I would like to get ahold of 1 or 2 more blouses this year! Glittertale is probably where I'll end up ordering from since they really did impress me with my other order. The main blouse I wear right now needs some serious stain removal and a button sewn back on. Having a few backups would be nice but it is difficult to find blouses in my size that I both like and can afford.

Brown wrist cuffs are something I've been wanting to find for a time. I know they are readily available but finding exactly what I'm looking for has proven to be a failure! I'm hoping this next year will have them come to me.

A 3-way heart bag! These have fallen out of style but I still love them. I'm hoping as they diminish in
popularity I will be able to find one on the cheap, second hand.

There are no specific dresses I have in mind for the upcoming year. Don't be surprised if I obtain one though! I hope to find something I absolutely love, but my wallet hopes I hate everything this year, haha.


Last year was the first time I tried making a guess at what may be popular in the future! I thought it was quite fun and was excited to see some of what I thought had come true. So here are a few ideas for what we may see more of soon!

Old school: I think old school is starting to make a bit of a comeback, though altered to make it fit more in with the current aesthetic. How do you feel about old school? Let me know!

Holographic: I saw tons of holographic art at Youmacon this year and I know there has been a release of some shoes in the lolita community as well. This could continue into other aspects of the fashion! I don't think we will see any full dresses but bags, accessories, and maybe even a print are something to possibly look forward to.

The Return of OTT Sweet?: This past year was all about OTT (over the top) classic and, to a point, goth. I loved this! I think there may be some backlash by the return of sweet to popularity. I think classic OTT will probably continue into the next year as well, especially if brands keep releasing the sort of dresses they are now. Evidence of the sweet style making a comeback can be seen in AP releases like Baked Sweets Parade and Strawberry Garland from this year!

Religious Iconography: Or lack of. Religious prints and accessories were all the rage this year and in 2015. Brands have released dress after dress with crosses and angels and they have sold! I think, similar to the decline of horse and cat prints this year, in the coming year we will finally see a move away from religion imagery in lolita.

Head Bows:The last year or two has seen a decline in the use of head bows, once a staple for lolita fashion. Hats, veils, and ornate head pieces have ruled the scene for some time now. 2017 may be the year that head bows finally come back into style, though I think they will be a bit more than just your classic Alice bow.

Statues/Classic Art/Etc: This one I have very little to work on besides a gut feeling and the recent imagery Ap has been using, but I think we may see more prints with statues, sculptures, beautiful architecture, and decorative interior pieces. These highly detailed print details would lend well to the elegance of lolita.

So there you have it! This is what I think 2017 will be all about for me and for the community. Let me know what YOU think is going to be popular in the coming year. I'm sure some of you have much clearer ideas. What do you wish would gain momentum, even if you don't see it happening in the near future?

I will talk to you all soon.
Love always,

Monday, November 14, 2016

Youmacon 2016

Hey everyone! It has been a few years since I attended Youmacon but this year I was lucky enough to be able to go on Saturday with my friend Ginny. I decided to finally finish a head piece I'd been working on for about a year (start to finish) to go with a dress I haven't worn in quite some time. I'm very happy with how the head piece turned out, as you will see in a minute. There were a few issues with pinning, balance, and a pesky spot the head band insisted on pushing in to but overall it wasn't too bad to wear and I received many compliments and requests for photos because of it! I felt honestly so flattered and amazed that people seemed to like it as much as I do.

I took some still photos that I will be sharing here but mostly I focused on filming. I will link to the vlog I've put together at the end of the post! Most of the stills here were taken at the annual con meet up.

I'll start right off with our silly group picture. We are all beautiful and amazing lolitas. Such class. Such elegance. #Kawaii

Photo Credit: Indigo Carr
Photo Credit: Indigo Carr

I want to start by showing you individual pictures of some of the amazing people who attended the meet up. I couldn't grab everyone's coord but hopefully you can see most of them in the group photos. Unfortunately I don't know everyone's names so I will not be including any, for consistency. Sorry!

I ran into this group at the dealer's room as well!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Kristel from the Toronto community. We had a nice long chat and her outfit was honestly amazing.

This cute shop girl was wearing an Angelic Pretty skirt as well! I really loved her art and style and everything! It was totally my aesthetic preference and she hit onto so many of my fandoms. Perfection, honestly. You can scope her Insta here.

Now I want to show you mine and Virginia's coordinates! We didn't get much sleep but we managed to still get dressed and to the convention at a decent time. I was exhausted but the sheer power of cuteness propelled me through the day.


Ginny's main piece is the Day Dream Carnival Salopette by Angelic Pretty. She made most of the pieces in her coord, including dying her own socks!

Lastly, here is my coordinate photos and breakdown. I hope you guys see the love and time I put into this one.

Early morning makeup selfie!

Ignore my petti. OTL I fixed it.

You can actually see the whole boat here.

Nails were done by my friend Amanda.

Dress: AatP replica
Blouse: Glittertale
Shoes & Socks: Bodyline
Headdress: Hand Made
Everything Else: Offbrand


I hope everyone had a wonderful Youmacon this year and hopefully I'll be able to attend again in the future! Thank you so much for reading and if you want even more, I'll finish this with a link to my vlog from the con. I am not going to embed it because Blogspot crops the video in a weird way. I hope you understand. I'll talk to you next month! Everyone have a great holiday and see you soon. <3

Saturday, October 15, 2016

October 2nd Meet Up-Art Prize

Hey lovelies! This month I attended a meet up in Grand Rapids with a few friends for Art Prize. Normally I spend a whole weekend at the festival every year but, due to the relocation of my best friend, that was not possible this year.

Honestly, I was kind of underwhelmed with Art Prize this year. Many of my favorite locations were lack luster or completely closed! It was kind of disappointing; nothing blew my mind, though I did enjoy some of what I saw.

For most of the meet up it was just my friends and I and the host, Amanda. A few more people showed up about half an hour before we had to leave for our other plans for the day, which were time sensitive. Unfortunately, when we got to our car it was totally dead! It took over an hour, a security guard, and some handy work on my part, but we got the car up and running again. We had to run to get to the mall before it closed though, because there was an item I needed to pick up. It is almost a 3 hour drive there for us and if I didn't get the item before 6 (we left the parking garage at 5:30) I wouldn't be able to get it without driving all the way back! Luckily we made it, though we had to cancel some of our other shopping plans.

I didn't take many photos, especially not compared to my usual binge photography. Ha ha. I'll share my outfit and my favorite art pieces from the day though, plus a few candids of the other attendees! We also grabbed a group shot (which was taken by Tracy and I just stole for this post. Thanks Tracy!). I'm sorry but I forgot to note the artist's names so I don't have any art credits or websites to send you all to. Please forgive my forgetfulness!

Here are some of the outfit shots taken of me throughout the day (by Amanda F. and Ginny.)

Right after this I got called a princess

And lastly here are a few shots of other lolitas from the community!



Group shot (minus Amanda F)