Friday, April 28, 2017

Chicago Jfashion Swap!

Hello everyone! This month my friends and I traveled to Chicago to take part in a large swap meet being hosted by their local community. It was open to all Jfashions, not just lolita. This is perfect for us because we all do mori, fairy kei, decora, etc as well. We had quite the time trying to find the location but it was great once we got there. Also, we did a few other activities since we had gone all the way there. It is about 7 hours from where we live, for reference. We were only there for the one day, though we arrived the night before and stayed in Wrigley Hostel.

I made a vlog for the trip and also a haul video which you can see below! Please watch and enjoy. I recommend clicking through and watching it on Youtube since it seems blogger clips the video strangely.

I'll see you all next month with another adventure.


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