Monday, November 14, 2016

Youmacon 2016

Hey everyone! It has been a few years since I attended Youmacon but this year I was lucky enough to be able to go on Saturday with my friend Ginny. I decided to finally finish a head piece I'd been working on for about a year (start to finish) to go with a dress I haven't worn in quite some time. I'm very happy with how the head piece turned out, as you will see in a minute. There were a few issues with pinning, balance, and a pesky spot the head band insisted on pushing in to but overall it wasn't too bad to wear and I received many compliments and requests for photos because of it! I felt honestly so flattered and amazed that people seemed to like it as much as I do.

I took some still photos that I will be sharing here but mostly I focused on filming. I will link to the vlog I've put together at the end of the post! Most of the stills here were taken at the annual con meet up.

I'll start right off with our silly group picture. We are all beautiful and amazing lolitas. Such class. Such elegance. #Kawaii

Photo Credit: Indigo Carr
Photo Credit: Indigo Carr

I want to start by showing you individual pictures of some of the amazing people who attended the meet up. I couldn't grab everyone's coord but hopefully you can see most of them in the group photos. Unfortunately I don't know everyone's names so I will not be including any, for consistency. Sorry!

I ran into this group at the dealer's room as well!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Kristel from the Toronto community. We had a nice long chat and her outfit was honestly amazing.

This cute shop girl was wearing an Angelic Pretty skirt as well! I really loved her art and style and everything! It was totally my aesthetic preference and she hit onto so many of my fandoms. Perfection, honestly. You can scope her Insta here.

Now I want to show you mine and Virginia's coordinates! We didn't get much sleep but we managed to still get dressed and to the convention at a decent time. I was exhausted but the sheer power of cuteness propelled me through the day.


Ginny's main piece is the Day Dream Carnival Salopette by Angelic Pretty. She made most of the pieces in her coord, including dying her own socks!

Lastly, here is my coordinate photos and breakdown. I hope you guys see the love and time I put into this one.

Early morning makeup selfie!

Ignore my petti. OTL I fixed it.

You can actually see the whole boat here.

Nails were done by my friend Amanda.

Dress: AatP replica
Blouse: Glittertale
Shoes & Socks: Bodyline
Headdress: Hand Made
Everything Else: Offbrand


I hope everyone had a wonderful Youmacon this year and hopefully I'll be able to attend again in the future! Thank you so much for reading and if you want even more, I'll finish this with a link to my vlog from the con. I am not going to embed it because Blogspot crops the video in a weird way. I hope you understand. I'll talk to you next month! Everyone have a great holiday and see you soon. <3