Monday, February 13, 2017

Lolita Valentine's Day!

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Hello everyone! In many places of the world tomorrow is Valentine's day. I know I'm a little late in making this post but it may be useful for future reference as well. I wanted to share some ideas for celebrating the holiday with your comm. I often see people planning meets around this time and lolitas coming out in their best themed coords and would like to throw my two cents in.

First off, I want to say, I LOVE pink and red coordinates, especially around Valentine's. I know they're a little cliche and many people really don't like them. I, however, think they're great. That being said, they can be VERY difficult to pull off. This color combination requires a delicate eye and just the right balance. Here are some of my favorite examples of this color combination:





If red and pink isn't your thing any print with candy, hearts, or similar imagery will fit the bill! Don't feel pressured to wear a themed coordinate though because many lolitas do not have a holiday appropriate outfit and that is TOTALLY OKAY!

Valentine's meetup possibilities are truly endless. A few options that come to mind are a visit to a candy store, tea with special themed cakes or cookies (rose tea for extra kawaii), a color theme meetup, a card or gift swap, or a crafting meet prior to the holiday to make themed gifts and cards. Any meetup sharing love and joy with your lolita pals is acceptable, it just depends how hard you want to go for the theme.

Don't be afraid to bring a small snack or gift for the lolitas in your comm if you are attending a V-day meet! Make sure to check ahead if anyone has allergies or dietary needs though. There is nothing worse than working hard on something and not being able to give it to everyone.

Have ideas to make Valentine's meets more classic or gothic friendly? Comment them below!

Have a wonderful month everyone and enjoy your holiday!