Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Youmacon 2012

You can find the majority of my Youmacon experience here. I wanted to share my lolita pictures here though.
I wore loltia Saturday but didn't have time to take a picture of myself. As of now I haven't found any pictures of me floating around really either. I didn't go over the top like last year and photograph EVERY lolita I saw. I just took pictures of ones that inspired me in some way or that I thought had some element I wanted to play with. So here they are ^_^.
Dis my face though

Everyone looked lovely. Even the ones  I didn't photograph. Good con guys and I can't wait for next year. ^_^

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My new loliable hobby!

So a while back I said I'd taken up a new hobby that I thought could be incorporated into lolita. Well here is that post I promised about it. ^_^ My new hobby is embroidery. I just looked up some stuff online, asked my mom for a hoop, some thread, and some cloth, and went to work. It did some practice stitches first before starting in on my first actual piece.

So here are my pictures of the first piece I finished. It took about 7 hours I believe. o_o So long. I work faster now lol.

I'm working on another piece right now and when it is finished I shall post about it. I intend to eventually integrate this into Lolita and possible Mori-girl (which is a style I've been getting into over the past couple months).

Thanks everyone who reads. ^_^

Friday, July 27, 2012

Refurb a Purse

Hey everyone. So I found a wicker purse that I thought would be perfect for country Lolita if it was give a bit of a face-lift so that is what I did. I found the purse for $1 at a local resale shop. So I added some lace at the top of it, sewing it into the lining that was already there. I then glued some lace around the outside and a bit on the handle. Then I made a small lace bow and glued it on there. I wanted something subtle. My mom was surprised, she though I was going to make a HUGE bow that took up like the whole purse. Lol. I'm here to surprise. Total cost for this project was less than $5.

The finished product

This lace is really soft and I think its super cute. It was the perfect width.

This lace is really nice but I used most of what I had. :/

It came pre-lined with this adorable fabric so I didn't change.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Motor City Pride!

So I went to Motor City Pride both Saturday and Sunday. I wore Classic Lolita saturday. I was the only Lolita there in Lolita because there was a meet up for International Lolita Day. I did meet up with a nice person named Chelsea (photos later). She is a Lolita but went with a non-Lolita military inspired outfit for the day.

I had SO MUCH FUN. For real. I love being around tons of people who really get me. On top of that today I got to see Kerli live (I was in the front row) and then afterwards I met her and we hugged, took a photo, and she signed my pride flag. :D It was very exciting okay? The Kerli photos are the only ones taken by me.

Sorry for the picture quality. My brother is not the best photographer and I didn't think to check them before we went out for the day. By the time you get to the better quality outdoor shots my petti had been smooshed every way possible and my hair was a mess. Also please ignore my tennis shoes because I needed something comfortable for the several miles I was walking that day. So they don't all.

Sunday there were two Lolitas there that hadn't been there the day before. There is a picture below. If anyone knows who they are so I can link to them I would appreciate it. ^_^ I stole one of these photos from Chelsea also so here is a link to Chelsea's Blog.

Please do not use any of these photos without my permission. Chances are I'll say yes, I just like to know where they're going. Leave a comment below asking and letting me know what for and I'll get back to you quickly. :)
My outfit for the day.

Necklace and pin. Earrings matched.
Close up of skirt print

Day 2 lolitas

Kerli. Her outfit was adorable.

My fave drag queen Sabin and a dog lol

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feb. 12 meet up!

So recently there was a Michigan Lolita meet up. We wandered through a natural history museum and went to a small planetarium. This was followed by dinner at Noodles and Company. That is where I took my leave though many girls went on to do other events (a tea shop I believe? Maybe karaoke?) These are some of my favorite pictures from the event. I tried to include one of everybody but if I missed anyone I'm terribly terribly sorry. I will start with my coord for the day so hopefully you all think I did a better job this time.
Some notes on my coord this time: I was supposed to have a cream blouse but it was not sent when it was supposed to be so I had to make due with this black one that didn't match too well. I am not wearing shoes in the pictures because they didn't really match because it had snowed the day before so the open toed shoes that I had planned on wearing that matched were no longer sensible. And the purse totally doesn't match. Basically this outfit is a mess oops. Quick break down of my outfit is as follows:

Skirt, bow, bow ring, and necklace: All hand made by me.
Blouse, cake ring, bracelet: Off brand
Purse and socks: Bodyline

Now here are the pictures from the meet up. ^_^ Sorry they aren't great quality, was using an unfamiliar camera in low lighting.

My friend Amanda. We love owls.

I was so glad to get a chance to talk to her.

I loved Brenda's outfit.

Amanda and I loved this print so much!

An old canoe of Lolitas!

She is seriously the biggest sweetheart. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

My official wish list post. -picture heavy

Some of the items may be mislabeled slightly (feel free to correct me) and some are just called by their product number because that is all I saw there. Several things I want in more than one color and I'll note which color I want things in. Some pictures are stock images and some are not. No infringement meant on anyone, just using to document my wants. Many of these dresses/skirts/ect. are out of my reach at the moment because of my size and my financial standing so this list is sort of a dream wardrobe. ^_^ This will be edited as I get things/find new things I want so I don't have to spam you guys with multiple posts.

As I get things I will delete them.

Alice and the Pirate purse
F+F Elisabeth's Precious Dress Coat- Black

BtSSB Melty Mermaid Skirt: White x blue

 IW Cendrillon Scallope JSK: milk tea x chocolat
IW Stripe Martingale JSK: Milktea x biege
Dreaming Macaroon Halter JSK in Yellow  (Note: I couldn't find a stock photo, got this from EGL sales. Credit to girl who took it.)
AatP Poison de L'amour-Pink Princess Jumper Dress
Starry Night Theater-Blue

AatP Merry Pagoda Umbrella-White
AatP Tent Bag- Blue
AatP The End of Immortal Eden

AP Wonder Story Collar Jumper- Blue and Pink

AP Chess Chocolate (one with the print on the bottom, not too picky)- Mint

AP Twinkle Mermaid JSK- Sax x White and Pink x White
AP Wonder Book Shoulder Bag- Blue
Bodyline 1442-Green

BtSSB Claudia The Fairy Tale Princess
BtSSB Cross Belt Boots Replica-Brown
BtSSB Elle Crown Coat

BtSSB Milky Rail Train
BtSSB Ribbon Heart Bag- Brown and Pink

DOL Milky Planet JSK- Yellow

Infanta Emperor Nighting Gale JSK ver 3

Loris Cutie Star Bag
Mermaid Princess Lolita Sandals- Pink

Victorian Maiden Short Boots Replica- Wine

Lolita Princess in Country Xanada- Fan Plus Friend

 (The purse, different color ways though)