Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Purchase Plans!

We all know there are certain items that your wardrobe just doesn't feel complete without. I want to try and get some of the more attainable ones off my list in this coming year. Some of these have been on my want list since I first found lolita and some are to fill out my wardrobe. 

Feel free to comment below which items you want to get this year!

So here are mine:

Replica of Chess Chocolate Mint (with border print)
A white pagoda parasol similar to this.

Replica of Milky Planet in Yellow.
Pink mermaid sandals. 

Pink Loris star bag.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I'm still alive and wearing lolita!

Hello dear readers! I know I've been bad about updating. A multitude of things have led to that but I'm back and I'm going to try and update more regularly. 

I've worn lolita several times lately but the time I'm going to write about was a few weeks ago. I wore sweet lolita to a Steam Powered Giraffe concert celebrating their made up holiday Yulemas. :) There were 2 wonderful shows, a meet and greet, and a tea party. I attended all of it and wore lolita for most! The band and other fans complimented my outfit several times and I was very flattered.

So here is what I wore!

The last has some Yulemas pressents from my friend Elizabeth in it. There were a lot of fun times and great photos taken that weekend! It was really amazing. 


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mori Lolita

Mori (which means forest in Japanese) is a Jfashion style of its own. The style focuses on layers, creams, whites, beige, browns, crochet, ect. and basically having an over all feel of being natural, as if you just walked out of the forest. It is associated with natural kei and when searching for it you may want to try mori, mori girl, mori boy, and mori kei. Here is a translation of the "mori girl checklist" which will give you more information and some guidelines. Well some genius people decided that lolita and mori would look together. They were totally right.

So the idea here is that you take the layering, colors, and general aesthetic of mori but add a lolita silhouette and elements. It is a style I'd very much like to try myself someday. I do both lolita and mori, though I post only once in a while about my lolita outfits and never about my mori outfits (because this is a primarily lolita blog). What better way to explain the style than to show you? Here are some of my favorites:

Personally I'd really love to see more and more of this in the future. I want to see like, 100s of mori lolita outfits. :)


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Religious Headscarfs In Lolita

Hello dear readers! I wanted to discuss something I feel very strongly about today. Specifically in regards to Muslim lolitas, religious headscarfs obviously play a huge role. I would like to take a second to acknowledge I will be saying "headscarfs" instead of "hijab" because, contrary to popular belief by many non-Islamic people, not all Islamic headscarfs are hijabs. Also as a note to that note, I am aware that "hijabs" is not technically the plural of "hijab" but I chose to use it for simplicity/clarity with non-Islamic readers. 

I've seen many people who protest that headscarfs "don't belong in lolita" or "look bad/weird/unusual with lolita". I am here to personally show you and tell you just how wrong you are. There are not many headscarf wearing lolitas, at least not with an internet presence. The ones that are present though are tasteful and know how to work their headscarf into a coord seamlessly. 

And why wouldn't they? The majority of Islamic women coordinate their headscarfs to their outfits everyday. Lolita is a fashion, like any, and if they can make it work in everyday outfits why couldn't they do the same with lolita? 

It is important to respect religious beliefs and values, especially those that present themselves in such bold ways. The headscarfs are a choice, one these women made willingly and consciously. They are not "oppressed" or "unhappy" or whatever other nonsense people seem to believe so willingly about Islamic women. 

That all said, here are a few of my favorite coords done with headscarfs.

Sources: x (most of these outfits. I'm a bit of a fangirl.) x x x

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nails In Lolita

Hello dear readers! I am back to posting now that I have gone through and converged many of my posts together. So today I wanted to cover something that I only see mentioned here and there, and only if they're totally outrageous. What to do with your nails while wearing lolita.

Some people buy fake, pre-decorated nails and apply them. Others do intricate detailing on their natural nails. Lastly some people just put a basic color or design or just leave them untouched. If you choose to leave you nails totally natural, please make sure they are clean and presentable!

I found some examples of nails I personally like. They are not too OTT to the point you can't move your fingers or see where the nails begins and finger ends anymore. The first three are more classic and the last is sweet obviously. I tend to lean more classic myself so I'm definitely more drawn to nails like the first set, though I personally prefer just a flat color or clean unpainted nails. So here they are.





So what are your thoughts? Do you like to wear really intricate deco nails or do you prefer something more simple? Let me know in the comments.