Friday, August 12, 2016

Restyle (Lolita Collective) Haul & Review!

Hello everyone! I recently made a purchase from the Lolita Collective. I've ordered from them a few times in the past and they're pretty straight forward as far as lolita sites go. They always have an amazing selection of items, including some that are custom sized! This time most of what I ordered was from the brand Restyle. They're not strictly a lolita brand but quite a few of their items are loliable. I've been looking for a few items for a coord I'm working on and they had EXACTLY what I was looking for! There were a few other items I couldn't resist as well. Most of this is stuff I will wear outside of lolita but I think, for the most part, they'll work with lolita as well!

To save time reviewing each item, which I don't feel is necessary, I will just say that, overall, every single item exceeded my expectations by a mile. Everything is heavy duty and sturdy. With the exception of the lavender bow ring, all of the jewelry I received is metal! The preview images made them look plastic so I was very surprised (and delighted) to realize I was mistaken. The purse I bought has removable straps and multiple ways to use them. Now on to the items!

The Restyle logo zipper above is very sturdy and has a nice weight. The bag is PU (faux leather) and seems sturdy. I have not had a chance to use it yet.

Do you see the skull? The band has the moon phases on it as well.

The moon phases!

Sorry for the blurry photo!

All of the above items are from the Restyle brand. This last ring is not! I do not remember which brand, if any, it came from. I am still trying to get lavender items together for a coord though and couldn't pass this by for the price! It IS made of plastic but the plastic is thick and sturdy. The band bends slightly that allows accommodations for larger fingers.

It is about 3x bigger than I expected. OTL

The last item I ordered was a set of lolita art postcards. They are on wonderful paper and came to me in much better shape than I expected. I have a wall that I decorate with cute art and letters so I bought these for that! They look adorable as decoration. You can buy a set like I did or individual cards.

I hope this was informative for you. I highly recommend LC after several orders that have always exceeded my expectations.

Thank you so much for reading!