Saturday, October 15, 2016

October 2nd Meet Up-Art Prize

Hey lovelies! This month I attended a meet up in Grand Rapids with a few friends for Art Prize. Normally I spend a whole weekend at the festival every year but, due to the relocation of my best friend, that was not possible this year.

Honestly, I was kind of underwhelmed with Art Prize this year. Many of my favorite locations were lack luster or completely closed! It was kind of disappointing; nothing blew my mind, though I did enjoy some of what I saw.

For most of the meet up it was just my friends and I and the host, Amanda. A few more people showed up about half an hour before we had to leave for our other plans for the day, which were time sensitive. Unfortunately, when we got to our car it was totally dead! It took over an hour, a security guard, and some handy work on my part, but we got the car up and running again. We had to run to get to the mall before it closed though, because there was an item I needed to pick up. It is almost a 3 hour drive there for us and if I didn't get the item before 6 (we left the parking garage at 5:30) I wouldn't be able to get it without driving all the way back! Luckily we made it, though we had to cancel some of our other shopping plans.

I didn't take many photos, especially not compared to my usual binge photography. Ha ha. I'll share my outfit and my favorite art pieces from the day though, plus a few candids of the other attendees! We also grabbed a group shot (which was taken by Tracy and I just stole for this post. Thanks Tracy!). I'm sorry but I forgot to note the artist's names so I don't have any art credits or websites to send you all to. Please forgive my forgetfulness!

Here are some of the outfit shots taken of me throughout the day (by Amanda F. and Ginny.)

Right after this I got called a princess

And lastly here are a few shots of other lolitas from the community!



Group shot (minus Amanda F)