Sunday, May 31, 2015

Moonlight Dance Test Coord

As promised last week I did a test coordinate for my new Cloudberry Lady JSK. Please excuse the general lack of hair and makeup effort as this was not a coord for an event or anything, just a test with some accessories, I didn't feel the need to go all out. So here are the pictures from my coordinate. Most of the pictures were taken by my personal photographer aka my dad haha. :)

 I really love this dress! I want to find a few more accessories and swap a few out to make this coord better and a little more OTT. Thanks for looking and feel free to suggest ways I can improve this coordinate! Thank you for reading.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cloudberry Lady Review-Moth Dress

Cloudberry Lady is an indie lolita brand running out of Finland. I wasn't really aware of them until I saw the dress I bought pop up in one of the groups I'm following (either lolita updates or rufflechat, I don't remember which now). I immediately fell in love with the dress and saw it came in custom size. There was no going back to be honest.

The ordering process was fairly simple. I sent them my order (color, style, and basic measurements). They asked me a few more measurement questions and I paid a down payment. Later, once the dresses were made and ready to ship, they invoiced me for the rest of the payment. Then they shipped it and it got here a week or so later. Easy peasy.

I took some unboxing photos for you guys, so you can see how it came packaged.

Here's the box!

This earned me a dirty look from the mail lady :))))
Wrapped dresses in tissue paper and a fancy envelope!
A letter and some wonderful post cards.
The pieces came individually wrapped in plastic.
Head bow

Back of head bow. Did not come with a headband.                                                    

The dress has a pocket!!!!

Front bow. Not detachable.

The straps are adjustable!

There is shirring, back corseting, and a zipper.

The lace is a beautiful off white.

Overall I had a very positive experience. I was worried because the price was quite high in my opinion but I am a low budget lolita. I think it was definitely worth the money. It fits great and the details are so so beautiful. They included extras and the dress was made and sent in a timely manner. Honestly if you see something from this brand you like I highly recommend them.

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if there is anything else you want to know about the dress.

I will post a coordinate I put together some time this week so check back!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Youtube Lolitas

As most people who have been in lolita fashion for even a short amount of time know, there are quite a few lolitas who vlog about their experiences in the fashion. Topics vary from haul videos to confidence tips to reviews! I follow quite a few lolita vloggers myself and I thought I would share them with you, in case any of you are looking for more information about the fashion or just more people to look to for inspiration. I've included a screen shot for each so you can have an idea of the content they post! These are in no particular order. Enjoy and I hope you find someone new to follow.

Vanilla Bear

Rosy Waves

Princess Peachie

Princess Jessie-Kate



Lovely Lor

Lillith Gray

Jillian Vessey



E Stands For Erin

Deerstalker Pictures (original)
Deerstalker Pictures 2

Cherushii Bun


As you can see, not everyone I posted speaks only on lolita. They all have a variety of interests but intersect with lolita as a topic. In regards to the two Deerstalker Pictures channels, the second one is primarily focused on lolita while the first is now primarily focused on cosplay. The original channel still has quite a few videos about lolita though from before they made the second, more focused channel, so I included it.

Some of these lolitas are very popular and very well known and some you probably have never heard of! Check them out and let me know in the comments if you found anyone new you loved. Have a favorite lolita on Youtube I didn't include? Link me down below!

Have a wonderful week and stay frilly. <3