Sunday, June 3, 2012

Motor City Pride!

So I went to Motor City Pride both Saturday and Sunday. I wore Classic Lolita saturday. I was the only Lolita there in Lolita because there was a meet up for International Lolita Day. I did meet up with a nice person named Chelsea (photos later). She is a Lolita but went with a non-Lolita military inspired outfit for the day.

I had SO MUCH FUN. For real. I love being around tons of people who really get me. On top of that today I got to see Kerli live (I was in the front row) and then afterwards I met her and we hugged, took a photo, and she signed my pride flag. :D It was very exciting okay? The Kerli photos are the only ones taken by me.

Sorry for the picture quality. My brother is not the best photographer and I didn't think to check them before we went out for the day. By the time you get to the better quality outdoor shots my petti had been smooshed every way possible and my hair was a mess. Also please ignore my tennis shoes because I needed something comfortable for the several miles I was walking that day. So they don't all.

Sunday there were two Lolitas there that hadn't been there the day before. There is a picture below. If anyone knows who they are so I can link to them I would appreciate it. ^_^ I stole one of these photos from Chelsea also so here is a link to Chelsea's Blog.

Please do not use any of these photos without my permission. Chances are I'll say yes, I just like to know where they're going. Leave a comment below asking and letting me know what for and I'll get back to you quickly. :)
My outfit for the day.

Necklace and pin. Earrings matched.
Close up of skirt print

Day 2 lolitas

Kerli. Her outfit was adorable.

My fave drag queen Sabin and a dog lol