Monday, January 16, 2012

My official wish list post. -picture heavy

Some of the items may be mislabeled slightly (feel free to correct me) and some are just called by their product number because that is all I saw there. Several things I want in more than one color and I'll note which color I want things in. Some pictures are stock images and some are not. No infringement meant on anyone, just using to document my wants. Many of these dresses/skirts/ect. are out of my reach at the moment because of my size and my financial standing so this list is sort of a dream wardrobe. ^_^ This will be edited as I get things/find new things I want so I don't have to spam you guys with multiple posts.

As I get things I will delete them.

Alice and the Pirate purse
F+F Elisabeth's Precious Dress Coat- Black

BtSSB Melty Mermaid Skirt: White x blue

 IW Cendrillon Scallope JSK: milk tea x chocolat
IW Stripe Martingale JSK: Milktea x biege
Dreaming Macaroon Halter JSK in Yellow  (Note: I couldn't find a stock photo, got this from EGL sales. Credit to girl who took it.)
AatP Poison de L'amour-Pink Princess Jumper Dress
Starry Night Theater-Blue

AatP Merry Pagoda Umbrella-White
AatP Tent Bag- Blue
AatP The End of Immortal Eden

AP Wonder Story Collar Jumper- Blue and Pink

AP Chess Chocolate (one with the print on the bottom, not too picky)- Mint

AP Twinkle Mermaid JSK- Sax x White and Pink x White
AP Wonder Book Shoulder Bag- Blue
Bodyline 1442-Green

BtSSB Claudia The Fairy Tale Princess
BtSSB Cross Belt Boots Replica-Brown
BtSSB Elle Crown Coat

BtSSB Milky Rail Train
BtSSB Ribbon Heart Bag- Brown and Pink

DOL Milky Planet JSK- Yellow

Infanta Emperor Nighting Gale JSK ver 3

Loris Cutie Star Bag
Mermaid Princess Lolita Sandals- Pink

Victorian Maiden Short Boots Replica- Wine

Lolita Princess in Country Xanada- Fan Plus Friend

 (The purse, different color ways though)