Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hello lovely readers! This month I wanted to talk to you about a Japanese lolita brand that has been around for some time but I've never looked into until recently when they announced they would be adding an (extremely) plus size dress to their collection. Hopefully this is the first of many! I am really really hoping it sells well so that they have the financial backing to make more.

So which brand do I mean? Maxicimam! This is a brand that has been around since the '90s and even has a physical store front in Harajuku. They definitely don't hold the same level of market share as some of the larger brands but they cater to a foreign audience in ways AP & Baby could learn from. They do lean more towards an old school style though and don't seem to have kept up with the current trends in the fashion.

A few more details about the brand before I unveil the dress: The majority of their clothing would fall into the usual lolita range of sizes, aka very small. They also have a line labeled "lovely", which is items that would fall into the lolita definition, and for higher shirred item into western definitions, of plus sized. Here are a few items from their lovely line, that I particularly like, with links where international buyers can grab them at the time of this posting. Or check out their current available extended size items for overseas purchase here.

Buy here!

Buy here!

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Buy here!

So what do we know about the dress that is coming that is even larger than their standard plus size items? The brand has announced it is coming in late September some time, though they have yet to set an official release date. There is no information yet if the dress will be directly available to overseas buyers or if they will have to use a shopping service (which is necessary to buy through their main site). Most of their new stock is available on CDJapan shortly after release, so it is likely this dress will be too. The measurements for the dress max out at 170cm for the waist and bust! Shirring allows them to fit quite a bit smaller frames though. The dress is definitely designed to be old school, no doubts there, as you will see in a second. As for a price, there is no official amount yet. Based on their pricing for their other items though it is likely to fall in the $250 range. So, without further ado, here is the official announcement photo!

From their FB page

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to pick this dress up, though I'm definitely considering it. If I do you guys will of course get a full review and try on! Which color way do you all like best? Let me know if you plan to get it! I'm hoping many people do. It really is a lovely dress and I'm so happy to see a Japanese brand taking on larger sizes like this!

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Cupcake Kamisama said...

Maxicimam is truly great for plus size! Although their stuff is a bit too oldschool for my liking and I don't need the larger size, it's great that there is a brand that fills this niche without opting for full body shirring, which I know many aren't fond of. I personally like the blue of this Melody Size dress, but that's because I'm partial to sax blue. If you can afford it, I'd say buy it because Maxicimam doesn't tend to filter down to second hand market that much and as you said, if they sell well, they will get the message that this is a product that's needed.