Sunday, December 4, 2016

2017 Goals, Wish List, and Predictions!

Hello lovelies! This year, which has been QUITE the year, is winding down now. Each year my lolita wardrobe and experience grows. I was very lucky that I got to wear lolita quite often (by my standards) this years. Hopefully that trend will continue into next year! As the title suggests, I wanted to go over my goals and wish list for this coming year, as well as what I think may grow in popularity. Please remember that this is just my opinion on what trends have been coming forward lately that may gain acceptance and that I have no reason to believe in these other than my own limited observation! Thank you for understanding. <3


Firstly, my goals for the year.

In this coming year I want to continue my goal from last year of posting at least once a month! With this post I succeeded for this year I am happy to announce. I would like to update even more than that but of course whether or not I have content I wish to share drives my frequency!

I want to repair the lolita items I have damaged over time. Some of my shoes, one blouse, a few purses, and some jewelry really need some love to be usable. I have already started on some of this but I really need to take the bull by the horns, as they say, and get fixing!

I'd like to attend at least 3 meet ups in this coming year. I live far away from most of my comm members, as some of you may know, so most of my lolita time is spent with just one or two close friends. Meet ups are a refreshing change so hopefully I can attend a few in 2017.

~~~What are your goals for this coming year? Let me know in the comments!~~~


My wish list for this coming year is going to be quite small, truthfully. I am trying to save up for a trip in the fall so lolita has to take a back seat to that unfortunately. There are, however, a few stables I am going to try to get ahold of this coming year!

Gold and Black shoes! I coordinate with gold so often it is honestly a crime I haven't been able to get my hands on a pair yet. I have black flats that I wear with darker coords but I personally feel like they sort of ruin otherwise decent outfits by being far too casual for my taste.

I would like to get ahold of 1 or 2 more blouses this year! Glittertale is probably where I'll end up ordering from since they really did impress me with my other order. The main blouse I wear right now needs some serious stain removal and a button sewn back on. Having a few backups would be nice but it is difficult to find blouses in my size that I both like and can afford.

Brown wrist cuffs are something I've been wanting to find for a time. I know they are readily available but finding exactly what I'm looking for has proven to be a failure! I'm hoping this next year will have them come to me.

A 3-way heart bag! These have fallen out of style but I still love them. I'm hoping as they diminish in
popularity I will be able to find one on the cheap, second hand.

There are no specific dresses I have in mind for the upcoming year. Don't be surprised if I obtain one though! I hope to find something I absolutely love, but my wallet hopes I hate everything this year, haha.


Last year was the first time I tried making a guess at what may be popular in the future! I thought it was quite fun and was excited to see some of what I thought had come true. So here are a few ideas for what we may see more of soon!

Old school: I think old school is starting to make a bit of a comeback, though altered to make it fit more in with the current aesthetic. How do you feel about old school? Let me know!

Holographic: I saw tons of holographic art at Youmacon this year and I know there has been a release of some shoes in the lolita community as well. This could continue into other aspects of the fashion! I don't think we will see any full dresses but bags, accessories, and maybe even a print are something to possibly look forward to.

The Return of OTT Sweet?: This past year was all about OTT (over the top) classic and, to a point, goth. I loved this! I think there may be some backlash by the return of sweet to popularity. I think classic OTT will probably continue into the next year as well, especially if brands keep releasing the sort of dresses they are now. Evidence of the sweet style making a comeback can be seen in AP releases like Baked Sweets Parade and Strawberry Garland from this year!

Religious Iconography: Or lack of. Religious prints and accessories were all the rage this year and in 2015. Brands have released dress after dress with crosses and angels and they have sold! I think, similar to the decline of horse and cat prints this year, in the coming year we will finally see a move away from religion imagery in lolita.

Head Bows:The last year or two has seen a decline in the use of head bows, once a staple for lolita fashion. Hats, veils, and ornate head pieces have ruled the scene for some time now. 2017 may be the year that head bows finally come back into style, though I think they will be a bit more than just your classic Alice bow.

Statues/Classic Art/Etc: This one I have very little to work on besides a gut feeling and the recent imagery Ap has been using, but I think we may see more prints with statues, sculptures, beautiful architecture, and decorative interior pieces. These highly detailed print details would lend well to the elegance of lolita.

So there you have it! This is what I think 2017 will be all about for me and for the community. Let me know what YOU think is going to be popular in the coming year. I'm sure some of you have much clearer ideas. What do you wish would gain momentum, even if you don't see it happening in the near future?

I will talk to you all soon.
Love always,

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david wilson said...

Hi! I'm just a beginning brolita - with my goal for 2017 to take my secrete passion and make it real. So I'm using my Christmas money to buy my first outfit - its so fun to be looking for that perfect dress!!! in the meantime I'm also starting my first wish list, which I'm afraid will not be small - my eyes are too big!